K Phos Original Oral Tablets (Sodium Free)

K Phos Original Oral Tablets (Sodium Free)

Potassium Acid Phosphate Supplement

Product Details

NDC Codes: 00486111150, 00486111101, 00486111105
Form: Oral tablets
Color: White
Indication: Acidifying Agent

Dosage AmountAvailable QuantitiesWholesale Aquisition Cost (WAC)
500mg 50 tabletsSample
500mg 100 tablets$53.10
500mg 500 tablets$243.00

Product Information

K-Phos Original is a urinary acidifier. It’s also sodium-free. Each tablet contains 500 mg of potassium acid phosphate and yields approximately 114mg of phosphorus and 144mg of potassium or 3.7 mEq. Inactive ingredients include magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, silicon dioxide, starch, stearic acid.

For use in patients with elevated urinary Ph. K-Phos Original helps keep calcium soluble and reduces odor and rash caused by ammoniacal urine. Also, by acidifying the urine, it increases the antibacterial activity of methenamine mandelate and methenamine hippurate.

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