History of Beach Pharmaceuticals

Founded and headquartered in Tampa, Florida by Richard Beach Jenkins, we offer a variety of acidifying and non-acidifying phosphate supplements — as well as OTC magnesium — supporting your body’s needs in many critical areas of function. For more than 30 years, we’ve been providing quality products for your patients’ needs.

History of Beach Pharmaceuticals

Family-Owned Business

Since our inception, we have been a privately held, family-owned healthcare specialty company. Our goal is to meet and exceed the needs and confidence a physician should have in treating their patients — as well as the comfort a patient deserves in the provider of these products.

All Products Made in the USA

All of our products are developed and made in the US under full cGMP guidelines of the FDA. This experience gives physicians and patients the confidence and comfort they should always have as to the quality and consistency of the medications they use — often daily.

We Provide Full Support

Many of the conditions we focus on are often lifelong struggles for patients — and we have learned that a multi-pronged approach is necessary to achieve the best outcome. This includes not only medications and physician’s advice, but an understanding of lifestyle choices, diet, and daily supportive practices that significantly increase positive outcomes.

We Continue to Evolve

There is no replacement for a physician’s skilled care, but as the face of medicine evolves, Beach continues in our commitment to provide assistance and information across a spectrum of needs. This knowledge and understanding will support your physician’s efforts, keep your patients’ informed, and — hopefully — help with choices that assist in a positive, lifelong outcome.